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Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things note seen.
Hebrews 11:1

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Then the Lord showed me in the parable of the Eleventh Hour, that it’s not too late to do what I can in the Lord’s vineyard. Matthew 20:1-16 I want to be faithful to take what the Lord has given me, and make it grow. What God has given me to use for his glory is different from what he has given everyone else, and he doesn’t expect me to do any more for him than use what he’s given me to the best of my ability to serve him in his vineyard, until he comes back…. ….The eleventh hour is not the time to give up in discouragement and say, “It’s too late, I’ve wasted my day!”
The eleventh hour is the time to dig in your heels and give God your best. After all, hasn’t he given you his best?
Are you like Martha? Full of the cares of life? So busy (maybe even serving the Savior?) that you have neglected to sit at his feet? Are you worrying about getting done the things that legitimately need to get done? Are you busy so busy serving, that you have neglected to take the time to worship at the feet of the Master? Stop worrying and trust Him. Stop scheming and trust Him. Stop struggling and trust him. Stop striving and trust him. Trust and worship. Be still and know that he is God.  Don’t neglect the good part!
Satan uses discouragement to shut the mouths of Gods little children. He doesn’t want us to sing the high praises of heaven. He doesn’t want us sharing the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. He doesn’t want us loving others, reaching out to others, or touching other’s lives for the glory of God.
Sing! Write! Encourage! Be friendly! Whatever it is you do, do it for the glory of God!
In an effort to magnify thankfulness this year, my husband & I gave everyone in our family a blank notebook on October 31st. They were our thankfulness notebooks. Each day of November, we were going to dedicate a page or more to something we were thankful for. Kind of like a tactile version of the Facebook thankfulness challenge.
How Do You Prove the Will of God?
I’ve never really paid attention to the phrase in this verse, “that ye may prove,” but that night the Lord brought it to my attention. The word prove, means “to test” or “to try, or experience.”
Earthly wisdom says purity doesn’t matter, but Heavenly wisdom is pure. James 3:15
Earthly wisdom is aggressive, but Heavenly wisdom is peaceable.
Earthly wisdom is not kind, but Heavenly wisdom is gentle.
Earthly wisdom is unapproachable, but Heavenly wisdom is easy to be intreated.
Earthly wisdom is cruel and unfruitful, but Heavenly wisdom is merciful and full of good fruits.
Earthly wisdom is shows partiality, but Heavenly wisdom is without partiality.
Earthly wisdom is hypocritical, but Heavenly wisdom is without hypocrisy.
Oswald Chambers said to “Launch out in reckless belief that the redemption is complete.” It’s true! The redemption is complete. The war is won. God doesn’t pick and choose which sins he will forgive you of. All you have to do is ask, and he will forgive, cleanse and restore you to fellowship with him! If you’re going to walk with God and abide in Christ, daily prayer and confession (to God) is a must! Don’t let the enemy have the victory! If you have been saved, you are a child of the Most High King. You’re royalty, so stand tall, and walk worthy, girl!
Age of Distraction Press2.jpg
Imagine what it would have been like to live before technology. Before followers. Before likes. Before distractions became embedded into daily life. Take a deep breath. Think about you. Are you stressed? Can you put your smart phone down for an hour without feeling around for it? What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you wake up? What is the last thought you have before going to bed? Are you distracted from becoming the person you want to be?
where I belong
If you’re reading this and you’re not sure of your future, maybe you’re like I was: searching. God loves you and he has a plan for you. Psalm 37:3-5 gives us a sure path to victory!
One upon a time, there was a girl, who was determined and strong. We shall call her Self. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” was Self’s life motto. Self, put this into practice almost every day of her life. She was willful, but every time Self made a way for her will, it became a dead end street. Vanity and Pride, were her constant companions.
Greatly Beloved of God Square
“I’m busy, busy, dreadfully busy, you’ve no idea what I have to do. Busy, busy, shockingly busy, much, much too busy for you.” I’m Busy!
It’s a song from a Veggie Tales movie about the Good Samaritan. But, to my shame, I admit, it is the unsung song I sing to the ones I love so many times. Life is demanding.  As for me, I have to juggle the things I want to do with the things I have to do, and I still don’t have time to get everything in.  Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and evaluate what you’re doing and why. What will the likely outcome be, if the path I’m on stays the same? Am I too busy with insignificant things to take care of the things that really matter: the things that will yield lasting results? The outcome is what is important.
When you want to give up, praise him! When you’re tempted to complain, praise! When the testing is long, and the struggle is real, praise God! In everything give thanks. He will meet you half-way. There is help. It will come on the wings of a prayer to a thankful, believing, praising-heart.
God’s hand is specific and fine tuned. Whatever you’re going through is not coincidence. Don’t think that he’s mad at you, and that’s the reason why you’re going through what you are. “He paid for your sin, so he wouldn’t have to be angry with you.”  The heat and painful pressure is not punishment, it’s refinement.
What to Do when you can't hear God Speak
Alienated From God Perhaps the loneliest place in the universe for a child of God, or any human being, is the place of separation from God. When you can’t hear God speak… When you can’t feel his presence…
My ideas for my future looked very different from the road God would lead me down. God, when he purifies us, sometimes leads us down a lonely path.
I was estranged from my creator. A deep dark stain prevented me from knowing the blessed presence of God. It was my sin. Guilt. Pride. Self-love. I knew about God, but he was somewhere else: at church; On the walls of the courthouse; In the pages of the old Bible that lay dust covered, under my grandmother’s coffee table. Oh, how I cried in my soul for my creator, but my cries were muffled.

Has there ever been a time when you wished you could just google the answer to a hard question in your life? Dear one, you can’t pull up God’s will for your life on the internet. You can’t do an internet search and find out if your family should make that move, why you’re struggling to make ends meet, or whether or not you should take that job.  The internet is not a source of comfort or hope when you are inconsolable and your hope is lost: when you are drowning in your sadness, depression, financial need etc…
The answer to the questions that really matter can only be found in time spent in prayer with your Bible open. The answers found in time spent with God are more satisfying than anything you can pull up on Google.

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