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Look Up Then, My Soul (A Poem)

Look Up Then, My Soul

When the weight of my soul is heavy to bear,

And tear drops now fall where once was no fear;

When I can’t find the words to tell what I feel,

and the thought of tomorrow is dark and unclear;

Look up through the clouds, up through the pain;

Look up past the harsh, unending rain.

There is a river, there is a stream;

there is a pathway to peace and a King.

Who, once gave his life, and once suffered all,

now touched by the sorrow of life’s weary gall.

Oh, perfect King, love’s dearest friend!

I in thy shadow, abide once again.

Surrendered my soul, surrendered my sin,

Ever slowly becoming the image of Him.

Him whom my soul loves, Savior Divine.

He, in great sorrow, gave His life for mine.

I’ll not repine, not in sorrow or death,

In life mourning not, for he is my breath.

Look up then, my soul, do not disquiet;

Thy Savior is near, everything is alright.

Valeria Ellis

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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